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Oregon Habitat Joint Venture

The Oregon Habitat Joint Venture is a loose coalition of private conservation organizations working with government agencies to protect and restore important habitats for birds and other wildlife.

The Oregon Habitat Joint Venture coordinates state-level activities for two larger regional bird habitat conservation partnerships, the Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture and the Intermountain West Joint Venture, working to implement national and international conservation strategies for waterfowl, landbirds, shorebirds and other waterbirds.

Since 1991, the Oregon Habitat Joint Venture's diverse group of partners have protected or restored more than 200,000 acres of Oregon's most important bird habitats, from coastal marshes and valley oaks to high desert sagebrush. The joint venture's part-time staff provides assistance through coordination, communications and other activities that complement and supplement the efforts of individual partners.

For more information, visit the Oregon pages on the Pacific Birds and Intermountain West Joint Venture websites, or contact:

Bruce Taylor, Executive Director
Oregon Habitat Joint Venture